Cheer Me Up (2016) Torrent Download Kickass 1080P

Cheer Me Up (2016) Torrent Download Kickass 1080P

watch-cheer-me-up-onlineDirector: Mili Ben Hayl, Tamar Shippony

Writer: Mili Ben Hayl, Hava Luzon

Stars: Gili Saar, Ben Shellef, Ofer Amram

Release Date: 14 November 2016 (India)

Plot:- Gili dreams of becoming an independent woman. Noam, her husband, cannot possibly think of releasing his hold of her, he loves her to death. One day Gili starts working secretly, Noam is convinced she’s cheating on him. They both use their 8-year old son, Assaf, as a trading card in order to get bits of information about each other. The film ‘Cheer Me Up’ reveals a 48-hour glimpse in the life of a family living in the shadow of domestic violence. Download Cheer Me Up Movie

Cheer Me Up (2016) Movie Official Trailer

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